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LPAI is in the process of developing a Land Port Management System at its ICPs that will take the form of a Centralized Electronic Platform and facilitate end-to-end intelligent and secure exchange of information between public and private stakeholders to improve the competitive position of the land-port communities. The main features of LPMS are that-it will optimize and automate logistics-efficient processes through single submission of data, connect transport and logistics chains; provide a neutral and open electronic platform enabling intelligent and secure information exchange between stakeholders; and enable tracking and tracing of goods and services while also ensuring data confidentiality. Optimization of ICP operations through digitalization will not only cater to increased cargo traffic and passenger movement, but also reduce the costs of ICP operations through proactive management. The digitalization of land ports has also been mandated upon the Ministry of Home Affairs by the National Committee on Trade Facilitation.

Key Features of Land Port Management System


Single Registration Request for all stakeholders

Document Upload and Alert & Communication

Slot Management

Advance planning for ICP Slot booking on the basis of resource availability

Vehicle Dwell Time Forecast

Gate Operations

Provision to capture shipment details, transport details and gate in/ out transactions

Provisions for Integrating with Full Body Truck Scanners


Data analytics and visibility on BI dashboards for all stakeholders

Record shipment details of Cargo/ Container management

Customs Filing

Provisions to create Shipping Bill and BOE files with auto submit to Customs system

Online filing of customs clearance and EXIM Manifest with accuracy as per ICEGATE format


Optimized resource management using yard and warehouse management modules

Unified Payment

Single payment window on PCS for payment of customs duty as well as cargo terminal charges for parking, weighment etc.